NextGen Robotics

What we do

NextGen Robotics is Denmark’s beacon of business for robots, drones, and autonomous ship operations - and a growth consortium that through advanced test facilities, ground-breaking demo projects and innovative collaborations will help advance digitalisation and automation in Denmark and globally. 

Our vision is an international powerhouse for testing, development, and production of the next generation of robotics and autonomous solutions for use on land, at sea and in the air. 


Center for Large Structure Production

The world’s first centre for the testing and development of robot-based production of Large-Structure-Production within industries such as construction, maritime and wind energy. 

NextGen Drones

A high technological test centre for advanced drone technology.  

Maritime Autonomous Realiable Systems

A national test centre and test area for autonomous and advanced maritime technologies.  

House of Robots

Will create an international showroom for Denmark as a robotics nation.  


We are pioneers in next generation of robotics, drones and maritime technology

NextGen Robotics will accelerate the testing, development, and application of high-technological solutions within robotics, drones, and green and autonomous coastal shipping. Through strong partnerships, we will build world-class test facilities, advance the development of ground-breaking technologies, strengthen competency development and internationalisation, which are all crucial to strengthening the application of advanced robot technology and reaping the economic, human, and resource-related profits that come with new technology. 

We are a growth consortium and a strong public-private partnership that wants to expand further. We bridge research, innovation, businesses, players, and the public sector with a united ambition of establishing the strongest platform for the robotics development of the future. 
Collaboration, visibility and synergy are the buzzwords - and you are welcome to be a part of it.  


Please contact us, if you would like to know more about NextGen Robotics and our projects.  

Trine Meier Skipper

NextGen Robotics
Project manager 

Phone (+45) 28 34 20 08

Christian Schlette

SDU Center for Large Structure Production
Professor, SDU Robotics
Phone (+45) 93 50 73 77

Michael Larsen

NextGen Drones
Head of UAS Denmark Testcenter
Phone (+45) 25 50 53 01

Charlotte K. Flugt

Maritime Autonomous Reliable Systems
Project leader, SIMAC
Phone (+45) 29 63 25 16

Søren Adamsen Mouritzen

House of Robots
Head of innovation, Odense Robotics
Phone (+45) 43 14 05 34